Can your PBX allow you to transfer calls between locations as easily as transferring a call across the hall? PhonePipe allows 2,3,4 digit extension dialing between any location as simple as dialing the next the office down the hall. With PhonePipe there are no geographic limitations, transfer calls to and office across town, across the state, country or world. The best part is that these calls are free between locations so no expensive long distance calls. Setting up additional locations is quick and simple, whether it is a home worker or another complete office we can add phones and extensions to your PBX in a matter of days. Unlike other phone systems that have capacity limits we can scale your company from 5 extensions to thousands in a matter of days with no new equipment to buy other than new handsets.

PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!