Is your PBX or phone system outdated? Replace your PBX with PhonePipe’s Hosted PBX solution. Never worry about having to replace your phone system again. Never worry about having a system that has outdated features.
PhonePipe’s hosted PBX can save you up to 60% over having to buy a new phone system, with 100% more flexibility. Hosted PBX phones automatically upgrade with programming that can change with new applications as they are developed. You can start with as little as a few phones and scale to thousands. Expensive moves, adds, changes that you currently pay vendors of Proprietary phone systems, is a thing of the Past with Hosted PBX from PhonePipe.
Most of the things that you have to pay your phone vendor to come out and do can be easily done with very little training directly from our online portal which can be accessed 24/7 from any internet connection saving you thousands on maintenance. Since your PBX is hosted in our Cloud, there is no equipment to break other than the handset which rarely happens, and which can be replaced quickly eliminating downtime.
PhonePipe’s hosted PBX is feature rich as well and it is all included in your monthly price. See our feature list under the Resource Center Tab. Give each individual the power to control calls for their own extension. While a sale person who is out of the office may want features such as find me follow me, your billing department may want features such as call screening or priority calling from important clients.


PhonePipe Eliminates Long Distance between all of your offices no matter where they are in the World as long as you are on the PhonePipe Network?
In addition you can also call any other PhonePipe customer for free as well!